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HUGE TIP: Man Leaves $1,000 For Dog’s Surgery

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AMES ARRESTS: Police Conduct Prostitution Sting

Four people have been arrested in a prostitution sting in Ames.

Authorities say 20-year-old Mohammed Aldhaheri, 56-year-old David Merritt, 32-year-old Jason Prouty, and 24-year-old Hua Huang are all facing charges. Aldhaheri, Merritt, and Huang are from Ames and Prouty is from Ogden.

After a month of preparation, the police posted ads online soliciting sex. An undercover officer met with those who replied at an agreed upon location.

The four men are all charged with prostitution.

Ames officials say they didn’t find any instances of human trafficking this time but authorities think the city is vulnerable because major highways go through the area.

Police say they will likely conduct more undercover events like this in the future.

CARDIAC ARREST: Ames Mayor In Critical Condition

An ambulance took Ames Mayor Ann Campbell to the hospital Tuesday morning after she suffered a heart attack.

Officials say she underwent an angioplasty procedure to address an arterial blockage.

Campbell’s brother, Mark Hamilton, says the surgery went well and they are optimistic about her long-term recovery.

“We are grateful to all the people who stepped in to assist Ann during this crisis,” Hamilton added.

Campbell remains in critical condition at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

SERVERS HACKED: ISU Information Vulnerable

Thousands of former Iowa State University students’ Social Security numbers were on servers breached by hackers.

Iowa State University says there is no evidence the data files containing the confidential information were accessed but it is still warning nearly 30,000 former students to be vigilant about their identity protection.

“We have notified law enforcement, and we are contacting and encouraging those whose Social Security numbers were on the compromised servers to monitor their financial records,” says Senior Vice President and Provost Jonathan Wickert.

ISU says the hackers gained access to the servers in an attempt to harness the computing power of the machines to generate bitcoins, an online currency that can be used to make anonymous purchases.

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Ames police need help in identifying people for their alleged roles in the VEISHEA vandalism earlier this month in Ames.

On April 8th a mob scene broke out in Campustown, as a crowd of hundreds gathered. Cars were flipped over, light poles and street signs torn down, and one person was seriously injured.

Police need help in finding the people circled in the picture.


Authorities say they would like to talk to these men about their involvement in the disturbance.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

So far ten people have been arrested in the case.

CULTIVATION CORRIDOR: Campaign Brands Central Iowa

State political and economic leaders hope a new brand means new opportunities for central Iowa.

The new campaign aims to convince people there’s no better place to live and work to find ways to better feed the world.

“The whole here is never been greater through the sum of its parts. We have never spoken with one voice,” Iowa State University president Steven Leath said.

That one voice will now be called the “Cultivation Corridor.” It describes the 50-mile stretch encompassing Des Moines and Ames. It highlights companies and Iowa State’s research facilities.

Supporters of the $1.5-million project hope the focus presents an image that the corridor is the place for agriculture’s future.

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