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STARR GRANTS: Sky's The Limit For Students | Events

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STARR GRANTS: Sky's The Limit For Students
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STARR GRANTS: Sky's The Limit For Students

Ames High Honors & Earth Science students aimed high when in November 2012, they sent the Frank Starr Memorial Iowa Junior Academy of Science Grant Fund 29 grant proposals to support their science fair projects.

The Academy selected 11 of these 29 proposals as 2012 STARR Grant Winners, with grant awards totaling nearly $664.

Grant winners:

Max Wei, Luke Fernando: “Wind & Temperature and Its Effects on Mental Tasks.”

Burhan Syed, Nathan Chen, Seong Woo Shin: “Water Quality.”

Jonah DeGeest: “Which Potting Soil Grows the Most Healthy Plants?”

Truman Meyer, Ben Popken: “The Effects of Green Versus Conventional Laundry Detergents on the Environment.”

Hannah Hartman: “The Reverse Crash Effect and its Relation to ADHD.”

Alex Gurganus: “Is There a Difference in Energy Given Off Between Softwood and Hardwood Pellets?”

Kate Murray: “The Force of Wave Collisions.”

Michelle Hu: “The Effects of Different Material-Based Bio-Char on Soybeans.”

Ben Sulzberger, Daniel Andreotti: “Effects on 2nd Generation Plants Based on the Environment Experienced by First Generation Plants.”

Macy Vollbrecht, Mattie Kupfer: “Pollution from Water to Plants.”

Padmashree Rajagopalan: “Topsoil Erosion.”

Among others, these projects can be seen on display from 5-7 p.m. March 4th in the school cafeteria conference room. They will then be competing at the State Science & Technology Fair of Iowa April 5th, at Iowa State Center.

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